Defence against attacks with knives, guns and sticks
Aggressiveness skills
VIP Protection
Multiple scenarios, attackers and weapons
VIP Protection, single operative
Attacks from several positions
Multiple attackers
Worldwide Security Academy
Israeli Training Center for Counter Terrorism 
VIP Protection, Close Protection,
Protection in High Risk Zones

CPO MRE Practical Training, Close Protection Operations
in Medium Risk Environments 
This program has been designed to all those whom are already skilled in theoretical skills and need an effective
practical preparation on the Close Protection field. It’s comprehensive of all basic skills that allow the new operative
to starts his career in the best and effective way.
Tactical Response Method
Emergency Situations
Tactical Combat Shooting
Familiarizing the weapons
Operational weapons check
Safety Instructions
The instinctive operational shooting method
Aiming and pointing
One and two hands shooting
Drawing and cocking
Breaking and shooting while walking/running
Shooting in various positions: standing, kneeling, lying
Weapons jam: magazines replacement and handling malfunctions
Switching between pistol and rifle
Turns at 90, 180, U-shape, V-shape against multiple opponents
Shooting from behind cover
Clearing open territory with opening barricades and usage of cover
Shooting on the move between targets 360 degree
Distinction between enemy and civilians
Combined surprise combat exercises
Advanced methods - aggressiveness, decisiveness, speed and accuracy
Urban Warfare
Single operator: clearing the entrances (narrow, wide)
Single operator: work on doors, windows and clearing a room
Operating Teams: clearing the entrances (narrow, wide)
Operating Teams: work on doors, windows and clearing a room
Working with a VIP
Being attacked wail getting out of the car in-to a building
Being attacked with VIP inside a building
Extracting the VIP from the line of fire. From a variety of emergency situations into a building, a car or other covers.
Techniques for evacuation of the VIP to closer or distant shelter
Convoy Training
Driving skills
Shooting from a car
Situations and responses in emergency situation on the convoy.
Evacuation from an attacked car.
Evacuation with a car
Attack on a 3 cars convoy
Krav Maga - Basic staff unarmed
Practical Training - 7 Days

Low Profile Protection
How to punch
Take downs
Basic staff armed
Krav Maga - Advanced skills