Career opportunities for our graduates
Introduction: Who are we? What do we do?
With more than 25 years of experience, our Academy examines and monitors courses that we aim to provide to our participants as a key of success due to their high quality standard.
Most of our participants to the courses under our supervision, are already working in companies, institutions, governments and many of them have already established their own businesses.
Instructors and companies around the world offer their courses through our Academy. Obviously these courses pass a quality control and even an upgrade process when it's necessary. In this way the participants benefit from an excellent quality of training but also do the entities   which offer their courses with the most updated knowledge.
What is Our Approach?
Due to the complexity and operational capacity increasingly developed by terrorist groups, criminals, gangsters, etc., our mission as Academy towards bodyguards, private escorts, VIP protection, or any professional in the field of protection and security, is to give them a wide scope of tools that let them how to be aware of their existing elements and to know how to take advantage of those ones, according to the situation presented.

We believe that on one side, every person with a background in police departments, in the army or in local security courses have the basic knowledge in the use of weapons and physical force, and on the other side he has the characteristics, personal conditions and mental strength, however we are aware of the lack of integration of those both elements. That integration leads to success for all those professionals in the protection and security field.

Regarding terror's issue, we were the first to understand and consider criminal acts, ethnic attacks, cyber-attacks as different ways of terror, but terror itself.
In consequence, our participants  which are already working as bodyguards, private escorts, VIP protection, or any other type of professionals in the field of protection and security; have learned how to face the terror, no matters its kind

Our system combines all the factors, like personal characteristics, training, mental strength and knowledge of technologies with their effective use according to the situation, so as you see. it's not enough to think that you are the best, take our key to be  the best!!!.
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Israeli Training Center for Counter Terrorism 
VIP Protection, Close Protection,
Protection in High Risk Zones